Handcrafted Wearable Art


Ender Bubbles Collection

Timeless Creation

Hand Crafted Wearable Art

Each exclusive handcrafted creation is made in the United States by a tribe of women.

Our avant-garde technology of stretch mesh and moldable resin is designed with comfort and movement in mind. Our designs have optical illusion embedded to reform and manipulate the body shape. Our wearable art warms and molds to the body giving a perfect fit and comfort.

Our pieces are timeless works of art an investment that can be worn year after year knowing that you are always IN.

Art is worth the investment, so are you.

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What Inspires Us

Ema Savahl has taken 1/4 of a century focusing laser beam on creating a Technology that encompasses every need every desire every dream every thought a woman can have about her clothing. Ema has taken in consideration every message a woman wants to send to the world in her own unique way. The desire to be harmonious, beautiful, elegant, attractive, magnetic, classy, healthy, exciting, strong, sexy, proper, smart, thoughtful, artsy, trendy, sporty, comfortable, again comfortable easy to take care of, to travel, to play, to dance, to swim, to flirt. The need to self express, to feel unique, one of a kind to never to be repeated again. Completely unique just like Her.....

Miss Universe

What our clients say
Everything fits perfectly, the dress just mold to your body, the veil is absolutely gorgeous and I felt very special when I put them on. Thank you again to all the ladies who created these beautiful pieces of art! I will send you the pictures soon after my wedding takes place. Warm regards,
— Jocelyn B.
I love it as each piece is handcrafted in the US, so it is like a work of art! And each one is unique! I definitely need to get another set 😊
— Catalina T.
Love these dresses. They fit perfectly like a piece of art! I got so many compliments!
— Mary M.
Absolutely beautiful!!! I’ve got so many compliments wearing these sets.
— Alice A.
This one of the most talented designers ever. I have two Ema Savahl gowns and I absolutely love them both!
— Renita C.